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“Ainda lembro de tudo, embora o objetivo sempre fosse esquecer.”
Não crie expectativas, crie sono. Se nada der certo, você dorme.


So I was in stratford a couple weeks ago and obviously i went to the Avon Theatre to see Justin’s star. I don’t know if you guys can see clearly but people spit their gum on it on purpose, people throw their drinks on it. I can’t understand how people can do that. I mean this is a symbol and a reminder for him, Justin is one of the only artists who are still talking about the town he comes from and still give a damn about it and people thanks him with spitting around or destroying his star? I can’t tell how much this is a disrespectful thing to do. Haters say Justin’s an asshole and a bad person but who’s worse? seriously.

"fulano porque vc deixou a prova em branco?" "porque não tinha nenhuma questão que mandava eu colorir"
como diz aquele ditado: “Quem procura, acha”. Poise, vou começar a procurar 10 bilhões pra ver se eu acho
Mas o amor é assim mesmo, você sofre mas, continua amando…